Bait-Tech Products

Our unique manufacturing process allows us to develop, then fine-tune our bait. A process that is individual to Bait-Tech and can’t be copied! The extrusion and cooking processes used in our individual, natural and unusual ingredients means that not only are our baits easy to mix but we have the secret to producing THE MOST digestible and therefore palatable bait known to fish – super soluble, permeating flavours with no added chemicals or dyes.

Bait-Tech have invested heavily in a team of top-class anglers from all over the UK to make sure we are getting feedback from where it’s needed – out on the bank. There are no shortcuts to producing our range, with extensive testing and development involving our team of experts. We want to make certain we get it absolutely right.  Our technicians have developed a range which gives anglers a product which is simply the best quality bait available in today’s market. It gives our customers the best chance of catching more fish!


Groundbait – is most successful for fish attraction and goes right back to the times of Issac Walton 300 years ago. Although more sophisticated in modern day it is still the most powerful method to attract and hold fish in your swim.

Pellets – have been developed to feed fish for the table by the aqua culture industry. Adapted by course fish anglers to feed and attract fish. Come in different sizes, shapes and colours providing a type of pellet for every occasion and circumstance. Ranging from micro pellets for feeding to 20mm Halibut pellets. Can be used with groundbaits especially in the feeder or can be fed on their own.

Hookbaits – anything you can imagine can be used as hook-bait. From the humble worm through to the most exotic boillies. There is any number of natural and man-made bait available and all have their uses. Why not try adding an additive to your hookbait to give it that extra edge. List of components are endless but remember Bait-Tech produce only the best baits available so take a closer look, you won’t be disappointed.

Prepared Particles – As long as we can remember fish have loved seeds and pulses. Prepared in the right way these are a truly deadly bait. These must be prepared in the right manor as these items can in fact be harmful to the fish if not. What Bait-Tech have done is to take all the pain staking preparation work out for you and produced a bait that is of such high quality, you probably couldn’t make it this good yourself! The various particles we use are all soaked and cooked in their respective jars or tins meaning that none of those fish attracting goodies are lost. All of our particles are prepared to such a high standard that you would be silly not to use them. Open a tin or a pouch and you’ll see what we mean!

Additives and Attractors – these have been used nearly as long as groundbait as they go hand in hand. The additives and attractors can vary greatly and anything that you think may work to attract fish is worth looking at. These come in various forms from liquids to powders, even sugars and salts. Added to your bait to help the fish home in on it why not let the experts do all the experimenting and let us tell you what works. The Bait-Tech range of attractors have all been thoroughly tested so take it from us, they work! We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

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