will_profile_mainBait-Tech Angler – Will Barnard

Will is known among his peers to be a consistent and very capable angler, himself preferring the term specialist as opposed to specimen due mainly to his targeting of fish taking a more purist form than many of today’s modern big fish hunters. Preferring more often than not to target Tench on the lift method, Bream on the sliding Waggler, Chub on the stick and not a semi fixed bolt rig in site.



Lives: Berkshire

Occupation: Angling Co-ordinator

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: pin and stick float fishing on rivers/ Sliding waggler fishing stillwaters

Favourite Product: Special G, Karma, White Shellfish Boilies, Predator plus liquid

Best Performance: Catching 17 3lb+ perch from 14 different sections of the Kennet and Avon River and Canal in one season

Favourite Venues: River Kennet and Canal sections, River Test, River Wye at Llanthomas and Wylies Lagoon

Top Tip: If the swim looks perchy, don’t give up on it if you have no results at the first time of asking.

Personal Future Goals

To continue to be happy with the ways and where I fish, I’m happier aiming for the biggest fish on venues I like rather than targeting dead cert big fish in surroundings I don’t.