Triple-N Stick & Bag Mix 

The Triple-N Stick & Bag Mix contains key ingredients of the Triple-N boilie which help create the perfect mix of active particles. The trio-blend of highly attractive nutmeals makes this Stick & Bag Mix highly nutritional and ensures the correct profile of essential amino acids to suit the carp diet.

This mix ensures a continuous release of attraction which will permeate through the water column. A quick breakdown of the soluble ingredients attracts carp towards your hookbait.

We have perfected the mix for use with PVA mesh sticks and solid PVA bags and the matching Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid compliments the mix perfectly, adding even more deep water penetration.

A variety of PVA friendly liquids can be added to create unique parcels of supreme carp attraction.

  • High in attraction
  • Triple nut blend
  • Easy to mix
  • Highly nutritional
  • Perfect for stick mixes

Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid

Triple-N Stick Mix Liquid contains liquid carp attractors as used in the Triple-N boilie mix. This Stick Mix liquid can be used to boost attraction on any bait such as boilies, pellets and spod mixes. Perfect for use with the Triple-N Stick & Bag mix

Available in 500ml bottles.

  • High in attraction
  • PVA Friendly
  • Use in Stick & PVA Bags
  • Contain Liquid Attractors
  • For use in any water temperature.