spod_mainSuper Seed Spod Mix Pouch

The unique Bait-Tech Particle Pouch is THE only way to use particle. One of the all time greatest baits for attracting and holding fish in a swim. Bait-Tech Super Seed is not only the largest grain, but is also the highest grade available.

Top class grade A ingredients and cooked in our specially developed pouches for sealed-in freshness meaning all of the seeds remain coated in their natural, oily fish-pulling goodness. Super Seed is completely preservative-free and ready to use straight from the pouch.

Bait-Tech Super Seed – the best for a reason!

No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Nonsense! Quality bait in the freshest form!

Spod Mix Pouch with added Salted Maples – containing a unique blend of seeds and pulses to give you that edge.


Available in a 2kg pouch and contains:

    • Salted Maples
    • Red Dari seeds
    • French Maize
    • Hemp
    • Tares

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