pronat_mainPro Natural Groundbait Range

The single, most universally attractive groundbait available!

Built around 25 years of bait manufacturing experience and after more than 12 months of testing and development, Bait-Tech has launched its Pro Natural Groundbait Range. Designed for rivers and natural still waters, this highly acclaimed mix is aimed at the sweeter side of the groundbait spectrum to target silverfish like Barbel, Bream, Chub, Roach, Dace and Tench.

Pro Natural is rich in coconut, molasses and hemp and has been perfected to hold feeding fish in your swim for longer periods. The mix has been thoroughly tested by our esteemed team of anglers – and all have reported great catches and long catching periods when using it. It is fast becoming one of the best range of groundbaits around.

Pro Natural’s ingredients are designed to bind well and breakdown fast. This makes it ideal to carry lots of feed particles like maggots, casters, worms, hemp, corn and pellets.

This easy to mix and use groundbait is perfect for use on rivers, natural lakes and canals. It can be easily squeezed  together to use with a catapult, to ball in or to feed little and often. This mix will attract all species of fish and keep them feeding in your swim. Because of its fast breakdown it is perfect for feeder and float fishing.

An extremely versatile recipe that will catch you many fish!

PRO NATURAL FINE LAKE DARK – when a refined more subtle approach is needed, this version offers a super fine texture but with the same huge fish attraction. For all sizes and species of fish excels at drawing in the fish. See more here.

ProNatDark_mainPro Natural DARK – made with the same great ingredients with an added natural darkening agent, this mix is perfect for those natural waters where the water is clearer.

Already a massive hit with those who’ve tried it this bait, the darkening agent is a pure, natural ingredient that fish love. It won’t dye your hand or wash out in the water like other dark groundbaits. Pure, natural, dark fish attraction!


Pro Natural EXTRA Extra Binding, Extra Power.

Pro Natural Extra has been developed to help carry more bait and bind better when used in deep water. Perfect for balling large volumes of bait this is Pro Natural darker and stickier.

 Bait-Tech Pro Natural Range come in 1.5kg bags at RRP £4.99.

    • For rivers and lakes
    • Binds well
    • Breaks down fast
    • With coconut, molasses and hemp
    • Perfect for barbel, bream, chub, tench and roach
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11.02.1_2Bait-Tech’s Andy Neal says: ‘This is a very exciting time for us as we launch a bait we have worked on for a long time. The ingredient profile of this is staggering and enables us to produce a bait that will cover so many disciplines from rivers to slow moving drains and stillwaters alike. With Pro Natural we have a bait that binds well if needed and carries loose feed yet still breaks down fast. Our access and knowledge of ingredients allows us to release a bait that in the past would have taken 3 or 4 different bags to achieve. Here we have all these top fish catching ingredients under one roof! It really is a brilliant product!’

The mix, headed up by none other than Bait-Tech legend Dave Harrell has been thoroughly tested and tweaked over a long period. The highly acclaimed team of anglers that Bait-Tech poses have all reported great catches and long catch periods when using the mix.

Dave has been an intrinsic part of the mix’s development and had this to say: “I have tried and tested many different groundbaits over a very long period of time on very diverse natural waters. I can honestly say that this one is the best. There are no gimmicks or fancy names with Pro Natural. It’s  just a groundbait that  I have a huge amount of confidence in as it works!”



Pro Natural has transformed my groundbait mixes. It’s catching fish everywhere on all types of venues and mixes like a dream. The 1.5 kilo bags are just the right amount and half used bags of groundbait are a thing of the past.Dave Roberts

Since being developed Pro Natural has quickly become my number one mix. It’s so easy to mix and extremely versatile, whether your balling in on the pole or plugging a feeder, Pro Natural can do the lot and the fish LOVE it!Lee Addy

Pro Natural is an incredibly versatile groundbait. Adding Crushed Hemp results in the perfect Irish hybrid mix for both the pole and feeder.Cathal Huges

Absolute confidence is key in all competitive angling situations. Pro Natural is a product I have been waiting for years to be created as the versatility of the mix ensures fish drawing features in all natural venues. It’s my first choice for all my Irish and feeder fishing adventures!Derek Willan