proBream_mainPro Natural Bream

Pro Natural Bream is the Ultimate, Classic Bream Mix. Packed with Sweet Brazem, this easy to mix blend meets all your feeder and pole fishing needs.

Based on the infamous Pro Natural Range which is rich in coconut, molasses and hemp and has been perfected to hold feeding fish in your swim for longer periods. The range has been thoroughly tested by our esteemed team of anglers – and all have reported great catches and long catching periods when using it. It is fast becoming one of the best range of groundbaits around.

Pro Natural’s ingredients are designed to bind well and breakdown fast. This makes it ideal to carry lots of feed particles like maggots, casters, worms, hemp, corn and pellets.

Open a bag of Pro Natural Bream and the smell instantly hits you. The recognisable distinctive aroma of Sweet Brazem simply screams bream!


11lb of Immaculate Welsh Beauty… and the fish ain’t bad either! This cracker fell whilst testing feeder fished Pro Bream with a Sweet Coconut Incredible Edible fished 4 inches off the bottom. Try a bag – you just know it’s going to work!Andy Neal


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