phil_morton_mainBait-Tech Angler – Phil Morton

Phil, has been regularly fishing since the age of 2 and has built up a wealth of experience in his 35 years as an angler, starting out by winning local events as a junior match angler, then moving into the big carp scene and landing numerous 40lb fish including the Royal Fish at 47lb before becoming a highly regarded all round specimen angler winning prestigious titles such as the fox specimen angler of the year in 2009 and holding the UK record silver bream. Phil uses a wide range of methods and baits to achieve the results and targets he sets himself whether it’s scaled down bolt rig tactics for giant crucian carp or stick float and pin fishing for Grayling.



Lives: Surrey

Occupation: Firefighter

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: whichever tactic is most effective on the day

Favourite Product: N-tice Meaty Mix groundbait, Special G pellets and Bloodworm liquid

Best Performance: Catching 69 double figure Bream to 15lbs 8oz in a single 24 hour session – I was very tired! Catching a brace of 4lbs Perch from the River Thames to 4lbs 15oz

Favourite Venues: Walthamstow reservoirs, Kingsmead, River Thames, River Test, River Avon and the Llanthomas fishery on the Wye

Top Tip: Always locate the fish! I wont start fishing until I’ve searched the venue and I’m convinced I’m in the right swim. Vary tactics until you find the most effective method. Finally, present a high quality bait that the fish cant refuse!

Personal Future Goals

To find untapped venues with specimen sized fish of any species. I love fishing unknown waters with untapped potential. I’d love to catch another British record of any species and have come pretty close recently!

Angling Achievements

Common Carp 44lb
Mirror Carp – 47lbs 12oz
Leather Carp – 42lbs
Grass Carp – 39lbs
Crucian Carp – 4lbs 1.5oz
Bream – 16lbs 1oz
Silver Bream – 2lbs 15oz (British Record)
Tench – 12lbs 8oz
Barbel – 13lbs 8oz
Eel – 6lbs 9oz
Grayling – 3lbs 9oz
Chub – 7lbs 1oz
Roach – 3lbs 1oz
Dace – 1lbs 1.5oz
Orfe – 6lbs 8oz
Gudgeon – 4oz
Perch – 4lbs 15oz
Pike – 29lbs
Catfish – 60lbs
Rudd – 2lbs 15oz
Zander 13lbs 8oz
Salmon 25lbs
Common Skate – 202lbs