Hot Chilli Oil *NEW*

This hot oil is enthused with real Chilli’s to give it the spicy kick that carp find irresistible. The healthy omegas give it a great nutritional profile to aid the carps dietary requirements. Add this Hot Chilli Oil to any bait and it will increase its attractiveness to carp. New to the range for 2017.

This is attraction and feed stimulation bottled.

    • Draws fish from all levels
    • Great for dipping PVA mesh bags
    • Perfect addition to spot mixes
    • Added liquid attraction
    • PVA-friendly

Super Fish Oil *NEW*

A favourite Oil of  many of our top consultants with a multitude of uses. This high quality oil may be added to spod mixes during the warmer months and is ideal for coating pellets & boilies. Coating baits in this oil will help you gauge when the carp are feeding on your baited area as flat spots are created on the surface by the  carp disturbing the lake bed, this helps to release oils which raise to the surface creating the ‘flat spots’

Floater fishing:

Adding a high quality fish oil to floaters will enhance their attraction, it will also slowdown their breakdown time and enable you to see your hookbait as the oil helps to flatten off the surface, this is particularly useful when the water’s surface has a wind affected ripple. See

    • Perfect for PVA mesh dips
    • Adding to spod mixes
    • Coat boilies & pellets
    • Added liquid attraction
    • PVA-friendly

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