ntice_2k_mainN-Tice Meat Mix

The one everybody is talking about! A very unique fine blend of pure meat proteins, added meat meal and a few other secret ingredients. Pungent attraction is guaranteed! When you open a bag you’ll see what we mean.

A perfect partner to all meat and pellet baits, this super fine grade groundbait has decimated fisheries all over the country. A true one off all-rounder that packs a punch! N-TICE Meaty Mix not only attracts fish into the area it also stimulates fish into a feeding frenzy thanks to the complex, superior ingredients.

Having undergone more extensive testing than any of our other Bait-Tech mixes this highly attractive concoction was two years in the making. Extensive trialing by our top anglers has seen N-TICE Meaty Mix blow rival mixes out of the water when fished side by side with the competition. Ideal to use when targeting carp, bream and barbel.

N-TICE Meaty MixCan you afford not to carry a bag of this with you on your next trip?

    • Packed with aminos and meat proteins
    • Pungent fish attracting aromas
    • Has endless uses

N-TICE Meaty Mix comes in 1kg bags and New for 2013 great value 2kg bags!

N-TICE Meaty Mix and N-TICE Polony really go hand in hand and have caught me huge bags of fish in various circumstances. It really is a bit of an animal.Grant Albutt

Perfect for venues dominated by meat

Use with Bait-Tech Polony hook bait either cubed or punched

Try ‘grating’ some of our N-TICE Polony meat into the wetted mix for added attraction

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