Bait-Tech Angler – Mitch Godfrey

Mitch has been carp fishing for nearly 40 years, in his home town of Nottingham he likes nothing better than river carping on the mighty Trent. In his own words, he likes to get away from the crowds and fish for the much more powerful and wild fish of the river in remote spots with not a soul around for miles. Also it’s the lure of the unknown, as you never know what the river might throw out next ,this koi being the perfect example. He’s also fished all over the world for carp in as far away places as India, and Laos.  Every season he manages to get a hatful of twenties from the river, and doesn’t like to follow the normal flow of carp fishing and has some very unusual rigs and ideas that most of us wouldn’t dream of using. He completely steers away from commercial fisheries, preferring the pull of the unknown, from unfished waters containing wild fish. When he fishes abroad you can guarantee he will be on one of the huge inland waters of Europe and usually one that is a little under the radar.


Lives: Nottingham

Occupation: Property maintenance

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: Fishing tight to the margins with exact baiting and balanced rigs

Favourite Product: SuperSeed Hemp, Hemp oil, Triple-N Wafters

Achievements: The highest number of 20lb river Trent carp, a double figure Notts tench, equalled the Trent barbel record in 1986 with what was then an impressive 13.08

Favourite Venues: River Trent, and Lac du Salagou

Top Tip: Always put a rod under your feet! And do it your own way before trying what everyone else does.

Personal Future Goals: A river Trent 30 has to be top of my list, I’ve been so close on too many occasions, having 3 fish over 29.08 and two just ounces under, makes me wonder if it’ll ever happen. The first 40lb fish from Nottingham would be nice and the barbel record is also achievable and a possibility.