Bait-Tech Angler – Mark Malin

Mark has established himself as one of the men to beat on the Midlands circuit. A highly competitive all-rounder with many results on natural waters and commercials alike he is a true thinking angler who is always striving for further success with an infectious enthusiasm for the sport.


Lives: Redditch

Occupation: Engineer

Team: Shakespeare SuperTeam Bait-Tech

Sponsor: Bait-Tech, MAP

Favourite methods: Waggler fishing

Favourite Product: Special G Groundbaits

Biggest Match Weight: 290lb

Favourite Venues: Boddington Reservoir

Top Tip: Oil your pellets with Bait-Tech Poloni Oil! Add a cap full to 2 pints of pellets up to a week before. 1, to attraction fish with it awesome smell. 2, the pellet doesn’t break down as quick leaving the pellet in your peg for longer for longer fish attraction.

Achieved in Angling

Thames champs individual winner
Tunnel barn teams of 4 winter league winner (easily my best angling achievement as it wasn’t a one off match, it was over ten rounds with some of the countries finest anglers).