Mighty Meat

Only the finest quality top grade pork goes into our luncheon meat. With natural flavours and boosted with extra feed stimulants and attractors like betaine, there’s no wonder why our meat is regarded as the best!

We are out of stock of the entire meat range at the Bait-Tech factory. We are currently in the process of trying to obtain a licence from DEFRA and Animal Health – once we have jumped through a few more hoops, we should have this product back in 2018. Thank you for your patience.

Packed in large 340g ring-pull cans in four flavours:

    • Mighty Meat Halibut
    • Mighty Meat Strawberry
    • Mighty Meat Boosted Meat
    • N-TICE Polony

N-TICE PolonyN-TICE Polony

Polony (slicing sausage) is one of the all-time greats of the bait world thanks to two main factors…its meat ingredients….and, near neutral buoyancy! Our spiced Polony has taken waters apart all over the country!

N-TICE POLONY has been produced using the finest human grade pork flavoured naturally with Bait-Tech’s unique mix of garlic, betaine, herbs and spices to give it an irresistible twist.

Garlic needs no introduction as one of the all-time top attractors so its addition in this instance simply boosts an already irresistible hook and feed bait. Use it punched, cubed or in big chunks for pole, feeder or waggler fishing when targeting carp, tench and bream.

    • Cube or punch for brilliant hook and feed baits
    • Near neutral buoyancy
    • Quality meat
    • Packed full of garlic & betaine

Mighty Meaty StrawberryMighty Meaty BoostedMighty Meaty Hallibut