LeeT_profile_mainBait-Tech Angler – Lee Tompkins

Lee’s father introduced him and his brother to fishing at a very young age and by the time he was a teenager he had already caught carp fever and has fished for carp ever since. In the pursuit of larger carp Lee has fished many waters and has masses of experience  in all aspects of carp fishing which has helped him to catch 22 English forty’s from many different lakes. Lee tends to have a have a little bit more of a laid back attitude towards carp fishing nowadays with the emphasis being on quality not quantity and enjoying his time on the bank with his fellow anglers.


Lives: Ipswich, Suffolk

Occupation: Carpenter

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: Long range spodding with big beds of particles

Favourite Product: Sweetcorn, Poloni Boilies

PBs: 44lb 12oz (UK)

Favourite Venues: Elstow Pit 1 and Essex Manor

Top Tip: Persevere even when it doesn’t look good, fish often get caught when you don’t expect them to come out.

Personal Future Goals: To carry on enjoying my carp fishing wherever it may take me and to catch some lumps along the way would be nice, also to be a valued member of the superb Bait-Tech team.

Achieved in Angling

Twenty-two (that’s 22) English forty’s and hopefully more to come! Runner up in the British Carp Angling Championships and Runner up in the Eric’s Carp Championships with close friend Glen Maulkerson.