lee_profile2_mainStreet Squad – Lee Rudge

I am an all rounder but my main passion is for carp fishing. I have been an angler since I was four years old and I have experience in most forms of angling. I started my life as an angler fishing on my local canal, but later moving on to commercials and day ticket fisheries with my dad and I still regularly fish with him to this day. As a youngster I did a little match fishing but as I got older and more experienced I moved on to carp fishing and I adapted a more specialist approach when fishing for other species. I also enjoy fishing for Tench and there is nothing better than an early morning session in search of them. I enjoy fishing for any species really and I enjoy the challenge that different species offer. My biggest capture is a 32lb 4oz Catfish and I have caught two Carp to 19lb along with over 300 double figure carp, I have caught several 3lb plus Perch and four Roach over 2lb and my largest Bream to date weighed in at 7lb 2oz. I enjoy being beside the water and being at one with nature, just being there is a pleasure in itself – Catching fish is just a bonus!


Lives: Rowley Regis, West Midlands

Occupation: Writer and Angler

Favourite methods: My favourite method to use for Carp is the Method Feeder! It has accounted for many of my most memorable catches! When fishing for other species I like to use the best method for the situation in front of me. I like to keep my rigs simple and I like to concentrate more on my baiting approach and location!

Favourite Product: Special G Green

Top Tip: Less is more when it comes to bait! When feeding at the start of your session, take it easy because once you have put it in, you can’t take it out! Also when adding liquid attractants to groundbait, you do not need to use a lot, just a small amount can often be enough.

Being Part of the Street Squad:

Being part of the Street Squad is a fantastic opportunity for me to help others as well as being involved with what I believe to be the best bait company out there. Bait-Tech’s ethos to improve their baits all the time is something that matches my own aspirations – I am always looking to improve on my angling and I am never one to turn down a challenge. I enjoy writing and have been writing articles and reports for Bait-Tech for over 12 months now, and it is something that I am proud of. I have so much faith in Bait-Tech products and I am proud to say that I really do use their baits. Bait-Tech always strives to bring out baits that catch fish and I have not come across a single product that I do not like. All of the products contain the highest quality ingredients available and that is something that I believe to be one of the most important parts of angling – using baits that fish like to eat! It is great to be working alongside such a brilliant company.