krill_pellets_mainKrill Pellets

The best fish catching ingredient available in a pellet! These pellets are the evolution of science, fish care and quality ingredients that make these Krill Pellets the ulitmate food source for all types of fish. Krill Pellets have the highest levels of attraction available. Krill Pellets are packed with nutrients which has a slow steady release as they breakdown. A complex amino profile instigates aggressive feeding.

Krill is a nutrient-rich fish magnet that contains high levels of proteins and with an incredible amino profile that gives a rich food source like no other. The oil content offers huge flavour release and a breakdown rate that ensures all the senses are stimulated. These pellets are available as both feed pellets and hookbaits and will get noticed as the ingredients leach out into the water

These pellets are perfect for a host of fishing situations. PVA bags, Soaked and round a method feeder, fed loose, as hookbaits, as a spod mix, in groundbait. Carp, Barbel, Bream and Tench all love these high quality pellets.

Available in sizes from 2mm to 20mm.


    • High in attraction
    • High levels of vital proteins, vitamins and antioxidants
    • Incredible amino profile
    • High class ingredients
    • High quality food source
    • The super food super bait