KnT Boilies *NEW*

The Krill & Tuna boilie is packed with ingredients to make this one punch above all the other fishmeal boilies on the market. 

The warm, rich red colour of these boilies coupled with the 5 different types of meal, including LT94, kelp meal and tuna meal make this one to watch.

KnT is the ultimate fishy boilie that will probably catch you your PB!

    • fishmeal boilie
    • warm red colour
    • 5 types of meal
    • packed with ingredients
    • leakage through the swim

KnT Hookbaits: Pop-Ups & Washed out Dumbell Wafters are available to match.

Bulk deals can be found here 

KnT Pop-ups

To fit with the KnT boilie range, these Krill & Tuna Pop-ups are something wonderful. 

The rich deep red colour of these pop-ups are matched to the the boilies. With a strong aroma and in 3 sizes, the opportunities are endless for your hook presentation.

These KnT Pop-ups are available in 10mm, 15mm & 18mm.

    • punget aroma
    • warm red colour
    • instant confidence 

KnT Washed Out Dumbell Wafters

With the success of the Juice Dumbell Wafters, we knew washed out colours would be a welcome option. These ones are in the new Krill & Tuna flavour – nice and pungent to get attention. 

The mixed pot contains three colours: white, pink and yellow.

These Wafters are available in post of 8mm or 10mm to suit all styles of fishing.

    • punget aroma
    • perfect wafters
    • mixed colour pots
    • easy banding & hooking