kev_h_mainBait-Tech Angler – Kev Horton

Kev has been fishing for nearly 30 years and has fished for pretty much every species and fished every style there is, from stick float fishing to fly fishing even caught a stingray with his father in Spain. Growing up near the River Severn he spent most of his childhood with a rod and reel in hand – one of his greatest catches was a 4lb perch on a spinner. Making the change to carp fishing and he’s loving every minute and considers himself lucky to have an amazing family who are very understanding.

    • Instagram: kev_horton


Lives: Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Occupation: Self-employed / Business owner

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: Three rods tight on a spot

Favourite Product: Scopex Corn & Poloni Boilies

PBs: 35.13lb (UK) / France 48.14lb (France)

Favourite Venues: Linear Complex

Top Tip: The same thing I always tell people when I’m asked is to just keep things as simple as you can, simple blowback or pop up rigs will always work just pick and choose which one will work the best for the bottom your fishing over. Secondly never be afraid to fish in or around the weed as it will ALWAYS hold carp as that’s where the majority of natural food will be.

Personal Future Goals: There isn’t an hour that goes by where I’m not thinking about Carp fishing but it would have to be without any shadow of doubt to get my first UK 40lber, but saying that I’m just going to enjoy the ride and keep catching as many carp as I can along the way but when it happens it will certainly be memorable.

Achieved in Angling

I feel a great achievement every time I slide that net under a carp but it would definitely be when I caught my first UK 30lber , I did a session on Linear’s St. John’s pool and not only did I catch a 30lber but I managed a brace of 30’s @ 30.10lb and 30.00lb. It’s safe to say I was one happy carp angler!