Juice Pellet Wafters 

The Juice continues to be a massive success story wherever it goes and it seemed only right to add in another variety of Juice Dumbells!

All the shape and attractors of the original The Juice Dumbells but these are pellet colour.

To further increase the variety of presentation options, these Pellet Wafters are in two shades so you can match to your feed pellets. The dumbbell shape offers the angler to easily swap between these using simple attachment methods such as bait bands, hair rigs or bayonets catching more carp and winning more matches has never been easier.

Available in: 8mm or 10mm Wafters

  • High in attraction
  • The Juice in a hook bait
  • 2 shades in 1 pot
  • 8mm or 10mm


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