Carp Angler – John Bassili

John is an angler with a great pedigree. He has been carp fishing for over 20 years. He started in the trade at Middlesex Angling Centre, got taught by the best, has fished with the best. He has caught fish from the historic lake Savay, as well as ripping apart other waters. He has high ambitions, and always thrives to achieve . He is at the top of his game at the moment, and seems to catch wherever he goes!



Lives: East Barnet

Occupation: Technical Heating Engineer

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite Methods:  Floater fishing and scattered boilie approach

Favourite Venues: Savay Lake and Les Quis.

Favourite Product:  SuperSeed Hemp and Growlers

PBs: 38lb 08oz (UK) 60lb 08oz (France)

Personal Future Goals: Carp fishing has been a real addictive passion for me over the years and my future goal is to carry on enjoying it as much as I have done. I would like to get involved in writing articles, featuring in DVD’s and share my experiences with others….and maybe slip the net under a monster carp in the UK.

Top Tip:  When arriving at a lake, spend time looking around for signs of feeding carp before setting up. Cast single hook baits first for a while before going all out with markers and spods; there might be feeding carp waiting to be caught.

Achieved in Angling

I was the first person to catch a 60lber from Les Quis in 2005 and have caught the following while fishing there : Over 60x 30’s, 22×40’s, 7x 50’s and a 60lb 08oz.