incredibles_mainIncredible Edibles

The Incredible Edible is an answer to a problem that most fisheries now face. Too many plastic baits entering the water can cause damage to both fish and fisheries.

Bait-Tech have the solution with the new Biodegradable bait that is not only safe to use but is also packed with flavour. Available in POP-UP or SLOW SINKERS and in two flavours: Sweetcorn / Sweet Coconut.

These shaped baits offer so much more in an age when conservation matters.

Can be used on fisheries that ban fake, plastic and imitation baits – these corn-shaped baits are fish friendly and biodegradable.

    • High in attraction
    • Biodegradable
    • Fish and fishery safe
    • Edible corn-shaped bait
    • Pop-Ups or Slow Sinkers
    • Sweetcorn or Sweet Coconut flavours