Bait-Tech Angler – Ian Hirst

Confident, skilled, technical and approachable. Ian has been fishing longer than he cares to remember. An ex-match angler, there isn’t much he hasn’t done. Having now turned his attention to carp he has more than proved what he has learnt with some staggering catches. Very methodical, considered and knowledgeable in his approach, its easy to appreciate his catch rate as he oozes class. A regular on some of the big Spanish waters where watercraft is key, Ian lets his experience speak for itself!


Lives: East Manchester

Occupation: Sales & Brand Manager

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: When I have limited fishing time I love to catch carp from the margins, especially during the late summer evenings. When I’m ‘session’ angling I enjoy long range fishing over big beds of boilie

Favourite Product: Triple-N Boilies, Nutty Spod Mix, Nutty Glug….anything with nuts in!

PBs: 41lb 3oz Mirror (UK);  53lb 6oz Common (European)

Favourite Venues: I enjoy fishing rivers and large lakes, pits, in fact anywhere away from the crowds

Top Tip: Never drop in to into your ‘favourite’ swim. Pay attention to the weather conditions, particularly beware of which direction the wind is blowing and take note if it’s due to change direction. You can set your traps before they arrive on a new wind, rather than move and start casting into them and feeding on top of them. Try and stay one step ahead.

Personal Future Goals:  To catch monster carp from for the large waters of mainland Europe. I desperately want to catch a Spanish 50lb carp from Orellana having fished the place many times and heard and seen many photos of them I know my turn will come if I can continue to fish it regularly enough. I enjoy helping to develop and test new baits with my sponsor and hope to continue this intriguing & fascinating consultancy work.

Achieved in Angling:

I was very happy to catch 17 carp during a session which involved testing the Triple-N boilie range. The catch included a new UK PB at 41lb mirror, two 30’s and lots of twenty pound plus fish. Another proud achievement in my angling career consisted of once shared a 2,500lb haul of carp while fishing the River Ebro in Spain with my son Joe and brother Steve, the haul included carp to over 40 lb. I also hold a lake record for a French venue with a 53lb 6oz common carp. I also enjoyed catching three 30 lb+ carp up to 37 lb from a session on a day ticket venue, it would have been four 30’s had I not allowed a friend to have my next run that same day!