Growlers – Tiger Nuts

Growlers are preservative free Tiger Nuts ready to use straight from the can.

Our unique cooking process means every nut is cooked to the core and ready for use as soon as the can is opened. It enhances and unlocks the natural sugars.

Packed with tiger goodness, we have unlocked the natural sugars and started the fermentation process within the centre of the nut….THE Perrrfect Tiger!

Unlike other ready cooked tigers, ours exude a ‘milky fizz’ when they are pierced – a sure sign that we have achieved tiger nut perfection! Ideal for use in a multitude of ways including on their own, as part of a spod mix or liquidised to create a milky cloud.
Each nut tastes hot, sweet and milky making a superb carp attractor either in whole or chopped form.

Growler Tiger Nuts are available in jars, pouches and tins

    • No preservatives
    • Cooked in the can
    • Leak a milky tiger nut flavoured attractant

Top Tips:

Single Baits – Carp excrete whole and partly eaten tigers as they travel around the lake and these baits are often re-eaten. This means that carp are used to coming across whole and part tigers. Single tiger nuts also make superb hookbaits for casting to showing fish.
Spread Baiting – Baiting with a small amount of tigers over a big area is very successful – try a handful spread over an umbrella sized area.
Nut Clusters – Because tigers are kept in liquid, anglers rarely use them in PVA bags, but a little time spent drying a dozen or so will produce enough to put into a funnel web PVA bag. This is simply hooked onto the rig and once melted presents a super attractive ‘nut cluster’.
Virgin Carp – Carp in rarely fished or virgin waters respond favourably to tigers when most other baits fail. In situations like this a few tigers over a patch of Bait-Tech Hemp can be a devastating approach.
Oils – Try soaking a few tigers for hookbaits, or PVA bag fishing in our Super CSL or any of the Bait-Tech Oils for added attraction.
Tiger Rigs – Our tigers can be fished on a straight-forward hair-rig or drilled and fitted with a cork plug so they can be fished either popped-up or slow sinking. If the fish are proving tricky, try a couple of halves on the hair coupled with a tiny bag of dried chops.