Groundbait Camo Buckets

Bait-Tech’s Camo buckets are amazing value. They have our unique design on a bucket that you can re-use! Camo buckets come in both pellets or groundbait mixes:


Super Cloud Zig Mix: use the ultimate zig and spot ground bait mix to create a cloud of action in your swim. More information here.

Poloni Groundbait: Containing our secret blend of 8 Herbs and Spices, this groundbait is a proven winner! With pungent natural aromas to draw fish into your swim, these spices keep the fish coming back for more.

Halibut Marine Method Mix: The super premium high grade fishmeals and Halibut Marine pellets used in this mix makes for a very powerful attractor and feed. This is no-nonsense fish-catching at its best! More info here

Big Carp Method Mix Krill & Tuna: This protein rich, pungent high-food value blend screams carp. The superior fishmeals added with krill and tuna create a very complex but highly attractive feed stimulating mix. More info here

Envy Halibut Method Mix: Made with halibut pellets and top quality super seed hemp, this is a medium-fast breakdown method mix which has accounted for thousands of bream and carp catches all over Europe. More info here

camo_bucket_bulletBig Carp Sweet Coconut Method Mix: The coconut craze continues as this method mix proves it’s a tough nut to crack. The powerful nutty sweetness is sweeping the country and fisheries nationwide are responding with some remarkable results. More info here



For the full Pellet Camo Bucket range click here.