Bait-Tech Angler – Gary MillerGary Miller

Gary is known for being a silent assassin. Quiet and unassuming yet when battle commences he’s a different animal and becomes a ferocious competitor. Gary, one of the original Essex County team members has competed at the very top level for a long time and is well known as the man at the front when it comes to big team events. Individually he proves himself time and again and some recent wins include 2011 Drennan KO champion and also the highly acclaimed Shakespeare Champion at the 2010 Evesham festival. His bait Knowledge spans years of expertise and with so many disciplines mastered he is a key member of the Bait-Tech team.


Lives: Cuffley, Herts

Occupation: Fume Extract Engineer

Team: Bait-Tech, Maver Image

Favourite Methods: pole and feeder

Favourite Product: Special ‘G’ Gold

Biggest Match Weight: 229lb

Favourite Venues: River Yare, Lake John

Top Tip: Soak your expanders for 5 mins before pumping

Achieved in Angling:
2011 Drennan Knockout cup
Drennan knockout finalist 2014
Embassy pair winner 2001 (with Chris Vandervleit) And also made the final in 2003
4x winter league final team winners with Essex county
Division one national individual winner 2006
3x Anglo Dutch festival winner
Shakesphere festival winner at Evesham 2010 And 2nd in 2013
4x Evesham festival team winner
1st and 3rd individual in Evesham team match
World pairs 4th individual and 6th as a pair with Chris Vandervleit 2015
3rd in Irish waterways Classic
Basingstoke canal winter league individual winner

Questions we asked Gary:

1. How long do you take to prepare for a match?
It really does depend on where I am going. If it is a venue I know well and have plenty of rigs and hook-lengths for then all my focus will go on bait preparation. I don’t sit there for hours on end just for the sake of it but will put time in when needed. However and this is the important bit: I will always make sure I have 100% of my options covered. Every aspect of my days fishing will be prepared for catered to. There is no excuse for not having the correct gear ready.
2. How do you decide what bait to take on a match?
This really comes down the venue. Sometimes if you are looking to catch different species on differing methods you have to take a lot of different bait but if I know I am only going to need a certain bait for a certain job, I will only take that. What is important is you research the venue you are going to and find out as much as you can about it. This will help you decide what you need.
2. Does fishing rule your life and what does it take to get to your level?
As I only fish once maybe twice a week then no it doesn’t. I would like to go more and would if I could but I guess we all would wouldn’t we? I do speak to friends and team mates through the week so I suppose I am always thinking about it. I do have interests and a life away from fishing however. Getting to the top is something that depends on the person individually. I started when I was 5 and started my match fishing with a small club. I used to go to watch opens, fishing them occasionally. I joined a small team and as things progressed I was invited to join a larger more well-known team and things progressed from there. One thing you must have if you want to get to the top is a thirst to get better and learn. We learn every time we go and it’s this thirst for knowledge that keeps me going and striving to always better myself and my results. I always believe if you want something bad enough, you will find a way of getting it!