floater_mainCarp Fishing Floater Pack

This amazing ***Grab & Go Floater pack *** has everything the surface fishing carp angler needs for a floater fishing session.

Each pack contains plenty of the right sized floater biscuits. Our anglers tested numerous floater biscuit consistencies until we settled on the one we now use. Big Carp just love our perfectly sized 11 mm floaters.

We know floater anglers love to coat the floater biscuits in oil so we added a 150ml bottle of our super successful Nutty Oil which smells delicious. Natural and packed with nutrients this is a nutty delight stuffed with healthy Omega 6 to attract fish and enrich your baits.

To compliment the perfect floater biscuits we needed a matching floating hook bait that would remain buoyant for the whole session. Triple-N or Poloni pop-ups come supplied in a 30-gram tub. Many anglers like to trim these down to perfectly match the floater biscuits, as they already match the colour of the floaters they work in perfect tandem.

floater_contents_MainAll packed in one of the re-usable camouflage buckets suddenly makes floater fishing much more convenient.

****The handy sized Grab & Go floater pack can be left permanently in your vehicle for those opportunist moments when the sun is shining and the carp are cruising***

This Camo bucket contains:

    • Mixer biscuits
    • 150ml of Bait-Tech Nutty Oil
    • 30g of Triple-N or Poloni Pop-ups
    • Re-usable bucket