Deluxe Liquids


The Special G Range in a liquid – things cannot get much better.

Our new range of liquids encompass all what you need for a winning edge. Our Deluxe liquid is designed to leach out flavour into the water dispersing attraction through the layers.  Created for maximum intensity of flavour and attraction.

These commercial-style liquids are DELUXE! Rich with flavours and attractors you can use this range to enhance all of your bait, whether it’s within your groundbaits, pumping pellets, PVA-bag, or on your feeder – the extra punch you give your baits will get you those bites quicker. 

Suitable for all fish, especially carp, tench, roach & bream

    • Drizzle on your feeder
    • Use as a pellet soak
    • Pump your pellets
    • Add to any groundbaits mix

These liquids are PVA friendly and are currently in all the Special G Range: 

    • Special G Green
    • Special G Gold
    • Special G Dark
    • Special G Red

The Deluxe Liquids are in 250ml bottles. 

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