davidD_mainBait-Tech Angler – David Dauchy

David was around 4 years old when his father took him fishing and he caught a huge tench, from that point he’s had the fishing bug and has been focussed on carp fishing since about 1994. David prefers to fish wild northern rivers and abandoned waters as they are full of surprises. Through his commitment to fishing he also writes for several French magazines.




Lives: Normandy, France

Occupation: Policeman in Intervention Service B.A.C (like an Inspector)

Sponsor: Bait-Tech, Gardner

Favourite methods: Spod mix with particles and boilie baiting

Favourite Product: Poloni boilies, Big Carp Method Mix Sweet Coconut, X-Cite Chilli Oil Chilli Hemp

PBs: I do not know, I almost never weigh them!

Favourite Venues: All waters but preferably small wild ones.

Top Tip: The most important tip is the confidence you can put in to all that you do to catch fish. I spend a long time on the bank to observe, to smell the ambiance, take photos and gather as much information as possible. If I have just few spare hours, I go on the bank to learn.

Personal Future Goals: After my family, carp fishing is the most important thing in my life. I live, eat, sleep carp fishing. My future goal is to continue to keep the same level of pleasure as my first day carp fishing. I like the challenge and new adventures and trying something new but also fish again the rivers of my childhood. I really love writing articles and I hope to continue this too.