Bait-Tech Angler – Robert Nagy aka Black Cap

One of Robi’s many angling skills is his ability to cast great distances, this weapon in his armoury can be a great advantage as many of the Hungarian lakes are vast open waters that can best be described as inland seas. He proudly represents his country in the carp match scene and has numerous big carp captures under his belt. He eats, sleeps and breaths carp fishing We are proud to have ‘Black Cap’ Robi onboard the Bait-Tech Carp Team.


Lives: Budapest, Hungary

Occupation: Shop Manager

Sponsor: Bait-Tech,Horgász-Zóna, Free Spirit

Favourite methods: I am attracted to the newest, most modern ways of carp fishing. I think a lot about different baiting and feeding systems and end rigs, particularly those which work well on short sessions. I also manage to squeeze in a couple of longer sessions, mostly competitions, where I have the opportunity to test my ideas under pressure and of course learn a lot about habits and life of carp. I love to use method mixes and particles, and believe this gives a lot to my success. I also like to  present wafters in the simpliest way possible.

Favourite Product: Juice Dumbells and Special G Green are my standards, I use every time everywhere… I use the Poloni range when fishing longer sessions. I also love the particle jars and Krill & Tuna Liquid for feeding

PBs: 26,10kg Mirror (HU), 28,850kg Common (HU)

Favourite Venues: preferably very difficult big carp lakes

Top Tip: The success begins in your head! Trust in yourself and your baits! Quality always beats quantity. Even if feeding, carefully chose your ingredients. When nothing works, take a wafter and cast precisely into your feed. Always check your bait presentation in a small water pit before casting. Do not be afraid cast very often, even in every hour.

Achievements: I have been into fishing since my childhood. Right now I can list three films about rapid carp fishing methods, in which I try to show, what are the elements of success on short sessions. I managed to catch many big carp so far, more than 20 above 20 kg, my PB is 28,85 kg so far. As a member of Horgász-Zóna Carp Team, I was lucky to measure myself at the Europen Professional Boiles Cup, the experience I gathered there, shows I am on the right track. I hold the lake record at my club’s venue with a 12,6 kg common. Right now I am in the luckiest place of life: my work is my hobby – my hobby is my work. As a fishing tackle shop owner, I continously work on sharing my knowledge, try to add some value to the local carp fishing culture. I regularly share content on Facebook both on my own and my carp team pages, and publish articles, reports in our online magazine. I am the author of Feeder fishing and co-author of Method Revolution  – cast, bite, catch, many times after each other books.

Personal Future Goals: I think that what I represent is getting more and more attention. I would like to popularise rapid carp fishing methods in the offline and online media. There is a lot to do here in Hungary, carp fishing culture is still in developing stage. My biggest dream is to step in the next level and participate in bait development.