Big Carp Method Mix Sweet Coconut

Designed with a high food value, Big Carp Method Mix is a blend no big fish will resist. Packed with one of the best attractors and food sources: Sweet Coconut. This mix will not only attract big fish but keep them feeding as they graze to find the crushed hemp, milled tiger nuts and other key particles in this rich amino packed bait.

2kg bags offer great value but with enough bait to last the session when moulding around big feeders. Big hits and instant bites – method fishing will never be the same!

Big Carp Method Mix is:

    • Designed for big fish
    • Full of rich proteins and aminos
    • Full food value groundbait
    • A perfect method mix
    • Packed with rich sweet coconut flavours and attractors
    • Perfect for use with any hookbait
    • A perfect addition to any spod mix or stick mix
    • Bagged in 2kg to use with big feeders
    • Also available in a Bait-Tech Camo bucket

Perfect with:

Sweet Coconut Liquid

Hi-Viz Fluro Pop-Ups


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In my opinion this is a must in any spod mix – a real big fish catcher. I wouldn’t go fishing without it!Chris Holland

Top Tip:

Sweet Coconut Method Mix has become a big favourite for lots of the specimen boys, which means lots of the stuff going in day ticket waters too. Once the carp and bream get on this stuff you have to get on it. Firstly I put the dry ingredients through a maggot riddle to get out the big flakes when I’m using a method feeder, put the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Then get a tub of water, I like put a good squirt of Sweet Coconut liquid into the water for extra flavour!!

Add the water slowly be careful not to over wet at this first stage, keep adding water every 5-10 minutes until the correct consistency is obtained. This is best done the night before your session as this will give all the particles time to soak up the water and stay on the bottom where the fish will be feeding.

At the start of the session I usually start on a large method feeder and cast every 5 minutes to get a nice bed of bait down once this is done the action will be coming thick and fast!!!

A good tip is to alternate how long you leave your feeder in the water, 3 or 4 quick casts followed by a longer cast and see what’s best!! Dean Barlow