Bait-Tech Angler – Ben Hart

A tactically astute and mobile angler. Ben loves to stay mobile in search of his quarry. He has caught 1000’s of carp including numerous over the magically 40 lb mark. A short session specialist who fits his fishing in between his busy work and family life. Early and late sessions tend to be the times when you’ll find Ben on the bank. Spending time searching for feeding carp is time well spent, as he often catches and moves on before other anglers have noticed his presence. Ben is a talented angler but his mastery of stealth and watercraft are two of his key attributes.


Lives: Ipswich, Suffolk

Occupation: Works at Port of Felixstowe

Sponsor: Bait-Tech

Favourite methods: Stalking/floater fishing

Favourite Product: Triple-N Boilies, Carp Fishing Floater Pack

PBs: 40lb 12oz (UK);  52lb 4oz (European)

Favourite Venues: anywhere that lends itself to the mobile angler

Top Tip: USE YOUR EYES! Your eyes are the best bit of kit you own. Be proactive and go find the fish instead of just making do. 1 hr in the right place is worth thousands in the wrong!!

Personal Future Goals:  I’d love to catch a 40+ from under my feet in the margins.  Also to never loose sight of the fact that “I fish because I love it!”

Achieved in Angling:

I love my floater fishing so much I’d say catching a 40lb 12oz mirror off the surface was definitely an achievement I’m proud of. Also stalking a 35lb mirror from 2ft off the bank in 2ft of water using just a peice of freelined meat would definitely be another personal achievement I’m happy with.