ant_mainStreet Squad – Anthony Wood

I started fishing when I was 10 with my Granddad, I caught my first fish two weeks after that and that was it I was hooked on fishing.  I have never really targeted big fish preferring to catch a quantity of smaller fish. My biggest fish are a 28lb Sturgeon, a 15lb 1oz Common Carp and a 15lb 8oz Mirror Carp.

I’m happily married and have been married for 13 years with two fantastic children (both boys) one of whom absolutely loves fishing and the other cannot stand it.  I have written two books on making your own baits for coarse fish such as Tench, Carp, Bream, etc which have been a great success in the UK and have even sold a few copies in the US and other countries.  I also write regular session reports for the Bait-Tech website and have had several articles in the UK fishing magazines.


Lives: Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Occupation: Author and Angler

Favourite methods: Float fishing or using a method feeder

Favourite Product: N-Tice Polony (although not my wife’s favourite if I forget and prepare it in the kitchen lol)

Top Tip: If making a Stick mix use Bait-Tech Omega 3 Fish Oil and Bait-Tech Tuna CSL to mix your dry ingredients and you will get a highly attractive PVA friendly stick mix.  Take your time making it and you want to end up with a mix that will hold together firmly but that will break up nicely when rolled gently between your hands.

Being Part of the Street Squad:

This is my toughest question, not because I don’t know but because I don’t want it to sound like I’m sucking up.  Okay here goes, I have been using Bait-Tech products for a few years now and started sending session reports in to show my appreciation for great products.  Slowly I came to know Bait-Tech as a company with good morals and great customer service – there really is a sense of team spirit from customer level right up to the ‘celebrity’ angler, everyone is happy to be part of the company no matter what level of involvement.  I was given the opportunity to be one of the first to join the new ‘Street Squad’ and I jumped at the chance of being more involved with such a great company, getting to see the new DVD’s before they hit the shops, trying new products, being involved with the team, the opportunity to be part of Bait-Tech events and so much more is to me a very exciting time and I’m really looking forward to it.