Bait-Tech Angler – Aidan Mansfield

Aidan is one of the brightest young prospects in match fishing right now. He’s part of a new breed of match angler who have dedicated a lot of time to fisheries that are highly stocked with F1’s and has mastered his craft on the highly competitive midlands circuit and in particular Tunnel Barn Farm. He is no one trick pony though as he is adept at catching silver fish and carp equally.


Lives: Tamworth

Occupation: Fencing Contractor

Team: None

Sponsor: Bait-Tech, MAP

Favourite methods: Pole shallow

Favourite Product: Special G Gold

Biggest Match Weight: 336lb

Favourite Venues: Westwood Lakes, Tunnel Barn & Woodlands View

Top Tip: Keep things simple in your fishing

Achieved in Angling

National Medals, Stillwater champs, Various lake and venue records 15 in total
Tunnel Barn Farm Teams of 4 Winner.