Bait-Tech – The home of specialist baits!

Our ethos has always been that we have to produce truly outstanding products from only the very best of suppliers. As anglers ourselves we know the true value of using the best baits, as some of our team of field testers will testify and show you!

All of our products are manufactured and sourced using only the highest quality ingredients and additives and most are supplied exclusively to Bait-Tech. We spend literally hundreds of hours refining our products, from bench testing the mixtures, to tank testing feeding responses right through to on-the-bank fishing in the very extremes of the sport.

From match fishing at the highest level to perhaps seeking out some of the most sought after specimen fish this country has to offer: bait is our passion!

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Peter ClappertonPeter Clapperton

Peter is the main man at Bait-Tech. A passionate angler all his life, with many match successes under his belt, he is responsible for creating the mighty Essex County superteam in the 90’s. A team whose record will be hard to beat.

In the early 80’s Peter decided he had to merge his passion and his job and so he began importing groundbait from the continent. The bait was highly successful and it wasn’t long before he was involved with product development. This was a massive success but as the UK bait market changed, the decision was taken to set up a brand where Peter had full control and where the baits would be made specifically for the UK market. Bait-Tech was formed.

Peter has never looked back! With the help of his dedicated team, Bait-Tech has come a long way. He is as passionate as ever about the quality of his brand products.

Peter has many more successes under his belt, including two golf courses and Suffolk Water Park, a fishery that boasts a 25-acre picturesque big fish lake, with carp over 40lb, a highly stocked match complex and the traditional pleasure lakes. It is clear to see why Bait-Tech produces such revolutionary and successful baits when it has this man at the helm.