Chris Vandervleit Weekend Match Diary

Saturday….Open Match Cross Drove.

This was my first weekend back to Cross Drove since the winter and I was really looking forward to my return visit.

Cross Drove is a venue that you either love or hate, personally I love it. It is one of those venues that every peg has won a match, when you draw you feel that you have a chance of winning and you never know where the fish are as every peg is different. When you get a bite you never know what species the fish is going to be and I believe almost every species lives in the lake anything from a Pope to a Zander!

On arrival I was greeted by Simon Wheeler and said to me “I didn’t think it was going to be long before you were back”.

Now the weather has warmed up groundbait (my favourite is Karma for the Drove), worms and caster begin to work. Armed with three pints of caster, a kilo of worms, some dead reds and the usual pellets and corn, I was looking forward to a good day.

Robbie the owner and Simon were picking out the pegs for the match – now there is a small area on the lake that I am not too keen on, pegs 7 to 10 and when I see 9A go in I thought: “I don’t want that one!!”

Come the draw time I thought I would get in first, I normally get a good one when I draw first. Anyway in went my hand and I gave the pegs a good shake, picked one and out came 9A! Sods Law I picked the only one I didn’t want.

Now peg 9A for those who don’t know has a channel to your left which goes through to another part of the lake and is suppose to hold a lot of fish so the first place I plumbed up in was right in the middle of the channel and only found twelve inches of water, not enough water for this time of year.

So I plumbed around and found about two foot out of the channel to my left. Other lines were five metres to my right and sixteen and a half metres to the island all about two foot deep.

Rigs are usually 0.2 and 0.3 Drennan  AS4’s to 0.22mm main line and 0.20 hook lengths. The fish are big in the Drove with Carp to 25lb, F1’s to 10lb and I won’t mention the size of the Catfish.

Come the start of the match in went the Karma, worms and caster. After about an hour had gone I had caught about 10lb, well this being a six-hour match 10lb and hour would do as 60lb is always close.

Cut a long day short I ended up with 27lb beating both sides. 90lb won the match and you needed 70lb to frame. 

Sunday….Maver Match This Glebe Fishery

After a bad day Saturday I was looking forward to a good days fishing on the Glebe.

At the draw I was talking to Jon Arthur and Lee Kerry and mingled in the draw queue (okay pushed in). Now when I mingle into the Queue I always seem to get a bad peg.

Again in the draw bag I gave the pegs a good shake and out come peg 104 Lake 7. I showed the peg to Roy Marlow and he told me that 200lb come off the peg two weeks ago.

As I arrived to the peg I had Andy power on 103 and Andy Kinder on 107. The banter started as I said I must be on a load of fish in between them.

I fancied catching a few fish I was over keen setting up, two feeder rods four pole rigs, one for down the edge, two shallow and one for fishing on the deck.

At the start of the match I started loose feeding casters long for catching shallow whilst fishing a large feeder over filling it with a lot of casters and groundbait.

After four hours of fishing I caught my first fish a 3lb carp. Come the end of the match I ended up with two Carp for about 5lb. Andy Power caught 6 and threw back, Andy Kinder also had six for 30lb. Our lake was won with 50lb.

The fishing wasn’t any good but the banter with Andy Kinder and his lovely wife Sarah made up for it.

Well done to Darren Cox for winning the match.

Darren Cox won peg 3,169 lb,
2nd Mark Fox peg 1, 126 lb
3rd Simon Skelton end peg 31 on pretties 125 lb
4th Martin Churchill  peg 86, 113 lb

Wet nets
Chris Vandervleit

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