Paul McIntyre at Lindholme Lakes – Match Diary

Today saw me heading to my regular venue for the open match at Lindholme Lakes.  This was held on the Beeches Lake, which is stocked with F1’s, carp, with plenty of skimmers and silvers.

At the draw I pulled out peg 30, which is not a bad draw, so I was pleased. When arriving at the peg I noticed I had a southerly wind blowing across the peg. My plan of attack was to feed 6mm hard pellet by hand at 5m and fish Bait-tech 6mm Xpands on the hook, to catch everything that swims!

My other line was top 2 + 2, down the margin to my right. Here I was going to feed N-Tice Polony by hand. My other line was 14.5m, where I was going to ping 6mm hard pellets and fish either Xpands or hard pellet.

At the start of the match, I fed 10 x 6mm pellets, by hand on my 5m line, and started with 6mm Xpands on the hook. In the first hour I had three skimmers and three F1’s, which was ok, but I didn’t think I was catching fast enough.

While fishing this line, I had been pinging pellet on my 14.5m line, so decided to try that. Straightaway I was into a good run of F1’s.  After 2 and a half hours I was looking at about 30lb in the net.  The wind started to pick up, which made things difficult.  Also the first bites were starting to go a bit iffy.  In this I mean I had a feeling that the fish went to what I call a “stupid depth”, as in they are not properly shallow and not on the bottom, making them harder to catch.

I picked the bomb rod up and banded a hard 6mm Xpand pellet and popped it up a foot off the bottom, over my pole line. This resulted in a couple of 3lb mirrors.  By this time the wind was terrible, so I had to make a decision.  I scrapped the 14.5m line with 2 hours to go.

I had 40lb in the net, time to try the margin swim. First drop in, the float buried and I hooked a good carp about 7lb, but it came off at the net…..disaster!  No more fish followed that but I carried on feeding N-Tice Polony and with an hour and a half to go, I prayed for good things to happen on this line, and it did!

It was black with F1’s for the rest of the match. I stuck on this line as there were no more signs down the margin, which surprised me.  I caught around 40lb in the last hour and a half.  When the scales arrived at me, 98lb was winning, so I knew I had no chance of the win, but the battle was on for 2nd place, between me and Ben Fisk.

I weighed first with 82lb.  Time for Ben and he weighed 80lb….happy days!  (Sorry Ben!)  I was really happy with 2nd off that peg today, don’t think I could have caught much more.

Tight Lines
Paul McIntyre


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