Bait-Tech Festival – Jon Whincup Match Diary

Bait-Tech Festival – Jon Whincup

Bait-Tech Festival: peg 28 Twin Oaks for the 1st day of the festival beckoned. I basically wasted the 1st hour fishing all the wrong methods, my short meat line wasn’t short enough, I fished top kit plus 3 joints but local angler Stuart Lister went straight out on a top kit plus 1 and proceeded to empty it. So an hour into the match and 35lb behind I got off my box and set a short short meat line up and basically emptied it from then till the end – eventually overtaking Stuart and winning the whole lake with a weight of 155lb with Stuart 2nd on 144lb ideal start!!!

Day Two Porth peg 38: with only ounces coming off these pegs the day before we trudged off to our pegs trying to get some enthusiasm from somewhere. Lodge mate and current ParkDean Champ Andy Leathers had drawn next door so a battle was on.

At the all in we both fed our pole lines and chucked a small feeder 25m to try and get a bite. 2 hrs 15 into the match I had caught 5 mini roach while Andy had 4 and a half pound – oh dear.

On my 4th or 5th look on the pole the float went under and it was suddenly a small roach a bung game on! Andy obviously followed suit and also had 1 a bung but noticeably slower. The last hour Andy stopped catching and I thought this was my chance to catch him. With 10 minutes to go Andy suddenly had a run of dumpy roach and I had a horrible feeling they were going to make the difference.

With the rest of the section not admitting to much it was between me and Andy. I weighed first and was shocked to weigh 10lb 2 oz Andy thought I’d done him but I wasn’t so sure. 10lb 8oz for Andy and he could breath again 2nd for me, a bit annoying but ok…

Day Three Bolingey peg 19: A short chuck to an island with bomb and bread saw a busy first hour with 30lb in the net was followed by 3 and a half hours of not getting a bite anywhere in my peg and then a frantic last 30 minutes on the bomb saw me weigh 59lb for 3rd not a disaster but probably my chuck away result …

Day Four peg 30 Match Lake: With the lake being won off 29 the day before I fancied it for a good day. Meat deep shallow was the method for skimmers and odd carp. I caught on and off all day for 59lb thinking I’d won the section only to be beaten by the only angler in my section that I couldn’t see – that man again Andy Leathers…

Day Five Jennys peg 16: With a section win today to go with my win, 2 2nds and dropping a 3rd a potential top 10 finish was on the cards so it was all to fish for. Cameron Hughes was on the end peg 20 that had been chucking up all week so it was going to be a hard one to win.

We pretty much fished the same match both starting on a top kit plus 1 trying to catch everything that swam with worms and casters with both of us going out to a 6m meat line after about 2 hrs in the hope of catching loads of skimmers and odd carp.

Cameron snuck a double figure carp mid match and then another about 6lb to go with a rake of skimmers, although I thought I was catching a bit quicker I needed some carp. I eventually got 2 about 4lb each but then with 5 minutes to go disaster struck as I pulled out of a 5lb carp for no reason whatsoever.

I just knew it was gonna cost me. Cameron weighed first 75lb this was close, with a few 40 and 50lb weights it was up to me. 71lb 15oz – ouch that last gasp carp cost me the section win and I later found out the lake win and also the point lost cost me a top 10 place I could’ve cried!!!

Ho Hum its only fishing that’s what we say but we all know it’s more than that!!

Jon Wincup

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