Steve Winter Qualifies for the Fish 4 5k Final

Steve Winter qualified on Sunday for the Fish 4 5k final in September at Watermeadows near Skegness.

Here is his report:

I had qualified for this Semi Final 2 weeks previous by drawing a poor area of the lake and after really struggling for the first half of the match I thought about an early bath until I decided to feed heavily with groundbait down the edge to my left about 10mts away.

I fed a 50/50 mix of Special G Gold and Pro Natural and then just sat “pinging” an odd pouch full of casters over the top whilst waiting/hoping the fish would turn up down the edge. Luckily my gamble paid off and I caught some proper carp up to 8lb in the last hour all from down the left edge over my groundbait line and I finished up with 48lb for a section win.

This Sunday was all about not giving up again. This time I had drawn a good area and really fancied my chances of qualifying for the final but with half the match gone I only had 8lb in my net and with Marc Rogers and Brian Elliott in my section both admitting to 50lb, I felt my chances of qualifying were disappearing fast !!!

That is until I saw a fish swirl about 15mts away near some reeds at the end of my peg where some floating scum had formed, so I quickly shipped out 2 pieces of double punched bread and swapping with Bait-Tech 6mm Xpands set 12″ deep and laid my rig in touching the edge of the scum. The float buried immediately from a 4lb carp and whilst I was playing it I saw another carp swirl under the patch of floating scum. When I had landed the carp I went straight back over to the scum but to my astonishment my float stayed motionless!!!

I could still see odd carp swirling and sucking at the scum but I couldn’t buy another bite. I decided not to be lazy and adjust another rig so that I was still fishing 12″ deep but now had a metre of line above the float so that I could keep the pole tip well away from the fish, I also changed from yellow to green hollow elastic so the disturbance from the carp on the strike was minimal.

The difference this combination made was unbelievable and I had a carp most drops until the end of the match. I ended up with 138lb which not only won my section but I also won the match and more importantly have qualified for the £5,000 final in September!

Steve Winter
Drennan Bait-Tech

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  1. Robert Stanton April 4, 2014 at 3:38 am

    I was thinking of fishing a qualifier or 2 at Watermeadows myself . So I went and watched the first Semi Final last Sunday. I started at peg 1 and as I made my way round I watched each angler fishing for several minutes . That was until I got to Steve’s peg in the 40’s. To say I was impressed would be an under statement. The speed yet smoothness Steve was fishing at made me realise that I’m not ready to take on the big guns yet but it was very enjoyable and educational watching Steve fish. Good luck to all the guys that qualify for the final as they are going to have to go some to beat Steve…..

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