Ballybay Angling Association Competition – Match Diary by Philip Jackson

Sunday 23rd March saw the Ballybay Angling Association teams of 4 competition. This match is only in its second year and is already attracting 29 teams, 116 anglers.

The venue was to be the awesome Lough Muckno. For anyone not familiar with the venue there are 220 permanent pegs with a road around the lake and parking at every peg!!

My team, Lurgan, was entering 4 teams into the match, of which the first team consisted of me, Cathal Hughes, Johnny Keith, and Jim McAllister.  Because of the numbers involved, 29 man sections, a good draw was going to be of major importance, as team captain this job falls to me!!

There is an option in this match to place your anglers, but rather than doing that we drew for our sections previous to the main team draw. Having drawn the pegs, we had 3 reasonable draws out of the 4, with Johnny drawing on a high peg on White Island which was our only “dodgy” draw.

I was off to peg 196 on Yellow Island, a peg which I drew twice in the winter league. On plumbing up, I chose to fish two swims on the feeder, at 45 and 30 turns. A mix of Pro Natural, with a little Crushed Hemp added to make it a little more active was used.

At the off it was straight out on the 45 turn line into 20ft of water, a little bit of chopped worms a few castors and pinkies through the feeder kept fish coming for nearly 2 hours, these were mainly small roach and the very odd better stamp hybrid.

This swim slowed after 2 hours when I then came in to 30 turns (15ft); there was only the odd roach to be had on this line which were very small. In and out on the 2 lines, picking off odd fish on each was all I could do to catch fish in the 3rd and 4th hour.

Going into the 4th hour with the peg going nowhere fast, I changed and introduced some more worm and a few chopped up maggots, it was make or break time! Luckily for me I got a positive response and managed to put another 20 roach, mostly all decent stamp 4-8oz this helped boost my weight up to a respectable 6-200kg, but what points would it get me?

At the weigh in I had beaten everyone around me, but there was a bigger 6kg, and then on the end peg, Irish Feeder International Paul Leese had a match winning 9kg of all roach! So 3rd for me, a good result in a 29 man section.

A quick phone call to Cathal revealed that he had a 2nd in section on Concra Wood with 4kg! Word came up the bank that Jim was 5th on Black Island with 5-800kg, another phone call to Johnny on that dodgy peg on White Island, he had come 6th, a great result from a not so good area. Had we done enough?

Anyone who has been to matches at Muckno will know of the now famous hospitality at The Old Coachhouse Inn, with 116 anglers back for the results all receiving a complimentary dinner of chicken curry, rice, and chips!!! Where else would you get it???

On to the results, we had won on the day with 16 points, with Kingfisher coming 2nd with 19. A great result and a great day out at what will hopefully be a permanent fixture in the Irish match fishing calendar!!

Tight Lines

Philip Jackson


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  1. Padzer March 25, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    These team events really generate a lot of interest and it’s great to see so many on the bank. Was great to be taking part – really enjoyed the day myself Philip. Great write up and well done on the win 😉

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