Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker

10.09.13_1Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Steve Tucker

Rupert from Gloucestershire asks:

Q I’ve been catching a few bream at the moment on the Method feeder. Are traditional feeder tactics better? What are the best baits to use?

A The Method feeder is a deadly tactic for bream but I believe a traditional feeder set up can be just as effective. Concentrate on fishing chopped worm and groundbait in your feeder. Bream love pellets but often they can get preoccupied on them and you start getting ‘liners’ so I always use chopped worm and caster – you can mix in a few Special G micro pellets if you want to.

10.09.13_2Bait-Tech Omen, with its different flavours leaves other mixes in its wake. It smells strong and nothing like a ‘traditional’ bream mix but the bream love it. I always use this when feeder fishing for bream. Initially I feed 10 full feeders of bait. It won’t be long before the fish move in and you start catching.


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