Top Tips with Bait-Tech’s Grant Albutt

03.09.13_1Top Tips with Bait-Tech’s Grant Albutt

Clive from Leicester asks

Q: I’ve heard a few people in recent times start talking about catching on Method feeders down the edge. Under what circumstances is it better to do this rather than fish a pole as standard? And what it the best form of bait to put around the feeder? Groundbait or pellets?

A: There are quite a few people now starting to realise the advantages of fishing the Method feeder in the edge. Of course, pole fishing allows you to present a bait more naturally but there are situations where a Method can outscore the pole.

As carp get wiser it is becoming more apparent they don’t seem to like having a pole tip waving above their heads. This is why some of us are now using longer lines when fishing the pole in the margins.

03.09.13_2There can be many reasons why it would be more beneficial to fish a feeder but for me the key factor is that you foul hook less fish. Foul hoking fish when edge fishing can be a major issue as the fish are so big they can become a real danger if foul hooked. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen gear smashed by big foul hooked edge fish. The Method fished in the edge will cancel all these issues as you simply wait for a fish to hook itself against the feeder and pull the rod round. The typical short hooklink isn’t long enough to flail around and foul hook them. These bigger than average fish are so important in match terms that you simply can’t afford to lose one.

Baits for this is are similar to fishing it in open water. You need to find out what works best on the day. This summer I have been feeding Bait-Tech Big Carp Method Mix Krill and Tuna down the edge so when doing this I will always look to match what I am feeding when putting it around the feeder. Hookbaits are of your choice but there isn’t much that can resist a piece of corn or a 6mm pellet.

Have a play around with it but consider how beneficial it could be to your fishing. Slowly but surely it’s making its mark on matches all over the country.


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