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andy_h_4I have just fished Bolingey Lakes in Cornwall (an offsite lake at the Whiteacres complex). I fished the Friday match with mediocre results but decided to go back to see if a different peg may change my luck. I bought some Bait-Tech Krill & Tuna Method Mix as it claimed to be aimed at big fish and the stamp of fish at Bolingey is legendary. The Krill & Tuna was a change from my  usual (non Bait-Tech) groundbait but it seemed to suit.  I’d bought it for the match but had decided to leave it in the car as I hadn’t drawn a groundbait peg.

I arrived at the lake and settled on peg 20 whilst the wife went on to 21. I helped the missus set up before heading back to my box. I have to admit that I made a proper horlicks of mixing the Krill & Tuna as I added far too much water to the mix so much so that I had to keep adding dry ground bait to try to get the mix right and in the end I added nearly the whole 2kg’s. Even after riddling it twice the mix still wasn’t right so I added a bag of dry Bait-Tech 2mm Carp & Coarse Pellets to the mix which produced a mix which although it seemed dry was strangely sticky.

andy_h_3I set up a method rod, clipped up and threw at the island with a banded 8mm pellet on the hook. After a short delay the tip went round with a nice carp of 6 lb. I managed pretty much a bite a chuck for most of the morning with carp and F1’s on hard pellet (tried other baits but 8mm’s out performed everything else). I seemed to be having a better day than most but was a bit miffed that I had mixed too much groundbait/pellet mixture and with my holiday ending that day I was going to have to consign some to the bin.

On the way to the café for a much needed sausage sandwich I stopped to talk with another angler who had been fishing the tip but had patchy results. We compared notes and the main difference was that he was fishing straight micro’s I offered some of my Krill & Tuna mix as it seemed better than wasting it. To say this changed his fortune is something of an under statement as he went from a motionless tip to a fish a chuck pretty much straight away.

Having done my good deed for the day I headed back to peg 20 and continued to chuck the tip and enjoy the day. As my missus will attest I am not the tidiest of people and this extends to my angling, every time I filled the feeder mould I managed to spill the Krill & Tuna/pellet mix on my knee which I brushed off into the water in front of me.

andy_h_1fbI would argue that this is not me being messy but my inner angler subconsciously feeding a short line. After a while I noticed a tail in the water under my platform happily snaffling the method mix. I threw a handful of the mix in front of me and within 15 minutes the water in front of the platform was full of carp which were clearly competing for the Krill & Tuna.

I couldn’t resist and picked up a top kit with a margin rig baited with four dead red maggots and dropped it in. The float bobbed, wove and buried!! After a REAL tussle which stretched my black dura hollow elastic I netted a 12lb common.

This set the pattern for the day throw a small handful of Bait-Tech’s Krill & Tuna and follow with rig and the float would bury. I ended up with about 25 edge caught carp for about 200lb in the space of 3 hours. The action only stopped when I ran out of groundbait and when I ceased feeding all the tails that had been so evident vanished.

I have NEVER seen fish react to any form of feed as these carp did and frenzy is not too strong a word to describe their response.

My best ever day thanks to Krill & Tuna.

Andy Houghton

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