Pete on the Bomb and Pop-Up

pete_micros1Hi all – today I’m fishing on the bomb and Pop up and using the brand new Micro Pop ups from Bait-Tech.

I have 2 great flavours to fish with Pellet & Fish Oil; which are a sandy brown in colour and the Hemp Oil flavour that are dark grey. Being a Micro pop up they are roughly 6mm in size. As these are brand new and soon to be in the shops I have the privilege to find out just how they work!!

I set up two hook lengths that are 8″ long with a hair rig using 0.19 line and yes don’t be afraid to use a size 14 mwg hook even though they are 6mm! These pop ups will help you catch some decent sized fish as I will explain.

pete_micro_2If you want to balance these out I found that the Pellet and Fish oil Pop up takes 2 no11 shot to critically balance the rig and the Hemp and oil, being denser use 1 no11 shot. If you want to just nail the line to the deck then place a no6 shot directly above the hook.

I picked out my swim tight across in 2ft of water, I know the carp feel confident in feeding here and so I fed it with 6mm Special G pellets 4 at a time, double feeding. I started off on the Pellet and fish oil pop up as it would prove to be a stand out bait and in competition with the Special G Pellet which if you haven’t used yet you’re missing out!!

pete_micro8It wasn’t long until my tip ripped round and a stunning Mirror carp went screaming down the lake. As you can see in the photo it was properly hooked and taken well.

You may well ask, why not use it on a method feeder?! My answer is simply yes I could have but I wanted to put this new pop up through its paces and let the fish pick it out rather than be attracted to the micros on the feeder and then pick up the pop up.

I then changed to the Hemp oil flavour. Using a micro swivel clip, I can switch easily between the two hook lengths. This would more or less camouflage within the dark colours of the Special G pellet.

Then this one came….

Then this one…

They just kept coming!!….




Arm aching off I gave my son Jordan a go whilst I wrote this report….

I’ve had a great day on the new Micro Pop ups.
Get some and have a go!
Tight lines everyone


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