Q&A with Bait-Tech’s Paul Carnwell

csl_picLee, from Yorkshire, asks:

Q: Some people say liquid additives work and others say they don’t. How do I know if what I’m using is right? I really like the idea of adding more flavour to my expander pellets for the hook and feed pellets. Would this give me an edge?

A: Using liquids can be a devastating way of boosting your catches. Some people love them, some hate them and this is purely down to usage and the right situations. To get a true reading of whether a liquid flavour works then you must trial it in relatively fair terms and as many times as possible. This is obviously hard to do as fishing situations change all the time.

A fish can pick up scent in water a lot better than we as humans can smell in the air. Flavours added to liquid that disperse in water can be sensed by the fish a long way away. There is absolutely no doubt that the fish know you are using them.

13.08.13_2We all have our own favourites when it comes to adding liquid flavours to baits and this is because of the results we have had when using them. I use quite a variety of flavours but my number one would have to be Bait-Tech’s CSL liquid. This is a thick ultra-sweet liquid and it is used a lot in various forms of my fishing.

One of the best is pumping expanders. I have such faith in this that I now can’t use an expander without being pumped with CSL. Simply add a glug of CSL to the water you pump your expanders in and just pump as you would normally.

The CSL flavour is then sucked up by the expander pellet and penetrates deep throughout the pellet. This flavour then leeches out of the pellet when immersed in water. Brilliant attraction and one I have huge faith in.


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