Q&A with Steve Barraclough

06.08.13_1Q: Graham from Leicester asks – I’m always confused when it comes to edge fishing. Do I feed pellets, corn or meat, particle style baits or do I go down the Groundbait route? I have caught on both styles but how do I know when to use either of them? I’m sure my indecision is costing me fish.

A: Bait-Tech’s Steve Barraclough says: A lot of this will come with experience but if you are ever unsure then use groundbait as this is an absolute banker method.

There is a certain time of the year when I will feed particles in the edge, usually pre-spawning when the fish are actively eating loads to try and build reserves. All other times I will feed groundbait… and in volume.

06.08.13_2Feeding groundbait in the edge has revolutionised edge fishing as it allows you to feed a volume of bait, enough to hold plenty of fish, without over feeding them. This is important especially in mid-summer. Fish are now getting picky and can become harder to catch as they are full of their abundant food source.

Groundbait, because of the tiny particles won’t fill the fish up but will be massively attractive to make them come in and have a look. I love to feed Bait-Tech Karma down the edge as it’s a super fine blend that is packed with a special finely milled meat biscuit that they seem to love. I simply add a fed hookbait samples to each potful, usually dead maggot and bludgeon 5-8 onto a big strong hook.

A quick tip: if you are suffering with line bites try switching maggots for sweetcorn. This can drive the fish to the deck to pick up the heavy bits of corn lying on the bottom. Maggots do get washed around easily by big tails being wafted around and line bites can be hard work on occasions. Heavy sweetcorn can transform your peg.


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