Fishing the Pop-up on the Pole – Pete Mahoney

How about fishing a Bait-Tech pop-up on the pole?!! Sounds crazy but let’s give it a go.  

Firstly I made an 8″hook length, then 2″ from the hook a put on a bulk shot of 5 no 10 shot. This is for a 10mm pop-up. Always shot to your biggest pop-up.

Then I thought of the feed and disguising the shot within it.Here I’m using a mix of 2mm & 4mm Carp & Coarse pellets with hemp and some red 6mm pellets which were just used to bulk it out a bit.


Down at the lake I set about how to plumb the rig up perfectly so that the hair rig shot just sit on the bottom. Here’s how it’s done: Firstly plumb up on a flatish bottom and set to dead depth…

Then fold the rig over until the shot are at the top of the float, holding the hair rig and the main line.Then let go of the hair rig and move your float up to your fingers on the main line…
Then add a little extra to the amount that your float would usually be shot to.  Then hold your line now to your top kit and with a correction pen mark the position of the float so that if it moves, you don’t have to do it all again!!


Attach your pop-up in the normal manner. Now to feed the swim if its up to 2ft I would kick it off with 3 large cupfuls so that we can make sure we have the desired effect as in the above pic. Any depth over this and I would wet the mix down a bit and squeeze it into balls so as to feed a tighter area. Feed 3 balls.

What I would advise is that when you lower the rig in, try and lay it out so that when its fishing, the rig is kicking away from the mainline.

So what are you waiting for. Give it a go!!!  Here are a few pics of what I caught today. Enjoy and tight lines.





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