Top tips with river ace Dave Roberts

Top tips with river ace Dave Roberts

30.07.13_1fbJack from Hereford asks:

Q: I’ve caught quite a few barbel recently from my local stretch of river using halibut pellets. However, I only seem able to catch the small ones. Is there anything I can do to enhance my hookbait to try and catch the bigger fish?

A: Paste can be a tremendous bait to use in conjunction with halibut pellets when targeting barbel on rivers. A 10mm halibut pellet wrapped in paste is irresistible. Try one of the new Bait-Tech Hybrid Barbel Hookbaits – I’ve been catching some huge fish on them.

30.07.13_3fbTo make my barbel paste I use Bait-Tech Halibut Marine groundbait as a base mix. I add the groundbait to a tub and rather than adding water I crack an egg into the mix then add a generous squirt of Bait-Tech Omega 3 Fish Oil.

This is used to bind the mix together and also to add an extra fishy boost to the mix. This will give me a very stiff oily mix that will stay on the hook well and break down slowly.

Once left to fully absorb all of the oils and egg you will be left with a texture a bit like putty. Although it is made from groundbait by mixing it this way you dramatically change the consistency. It will now stay on the hook when casting and slowly break down when in the flow, leaving a huge scent trail for the fish to find.



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