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23.07.13_1Dean from Wolverhampton asks

Q: Are there any hard and fast rules when ‘dapping’ or ‘mugging’ fish? The weather we have had recently has seen lots of carp cruising on the lakes and I’d like to know how to catch more of them.

A: Cruising fish are commonplace at this time of year and there are days when they simply won’t feed under normal circumstances. These are generally bigger than average fish. The reason they tend to cruise is down to temperature as the higher the temperature the faster their digestion system works.

These big fish will be feeding at night when they feel most comfortable and use the high temperatures of the upper water levels to kick their metabolic rates into action. That said, as greedy creatures, although they aren’t in the mood to eat as they would normally they can’t pass up the opportunity of a bite to eat if presented on their noses.

Although not conventional style of fishing it can be a very productive one as these big fish can be relatively easy to catch. Most top anglers will have a ‘mugging’ rig ready during these conditions. A few pointers when fishing for them are to leave a lengthy amount of line between your pole tip and the float. You want to be able to flick the rig in front of a fish when it appears.

23.07.13_2Rigs themselves need to be very simple and durable. Floats need to be strong yet stubby. I use the Frenzee Inline Dibber FD200 for this as the line passes through the body and is short and stubby, perfect for shallow work. This then sits on top of a small bulk which in turn sits directly on top of the 6 inch hooklink.

Bait is a personal choice but for me it has to be meat. Bait-Tech’s N-Tice Polony is unrivalled when it comes to this method in my opinion. Strong smelling, light and therefore slow falling and full of meaty attractants.

I’ve witnessed fish swim a long way to take a piece of this meat. I have supreme confidence in it. You can of course use pellets, a 6mm Special G pellet on a hair is a great alternative.

It’s not the most kosher of methods but it sure is great fun and will catch you valuable extra fish.


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  1. Andrew Brooks August 18, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Hi andy, fishing a weekend festival at Boddingtons soon can you give me any pointers as I haven’t fished the venue before. Many thanks.

    • Bait-Tech August 21, 2013 at 11:34 am

      Be prepared for big hard fighting fish. Boddingtons is a huge reservoir and because of this the fish pull extremely hard. Make sure you have strong gear for both pellet waggler and bomb fishing as well as a method rod.

      Don’t be surprised for big weights to win money. There are lots of fish and with an average of 6-10lb with plenty of doubles thrown in it can make for exciting fishing.

      Take plenty of bait, 8mm and 11mm Bait-Tech Carp & Coarse pellets to be fed heavily on the 25m waggler line. Start on the method at decent range with a good quality fishmeal groundbait. This can be a good chuck so a strong pungent mix like BCMM Krill and Tuna would be perfect. Alter you hookbaits as bites donate..

      After an hour or so come in and have a look over the loose fed pellet line, if no action go back to the method and repeat the process. Keep having a drop over the pellet line until you see signs of fish and start getting bites.

      Hope this helps.

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