Match TV: Derek Willan Out In The Open

Derek Willan is one of the country’s top open match anglers, and in this episode of Match TV, the only TV show exclusively for competitive coarse anglers, we join him to see how he sets about trying to win a five-hour open.

Presented by’s Gareth Purnell (geepster), the scene is Molands Lake Packington Somers Fishery in the Midlands, a super day ticket venue with a really mixed head of fish.

It’s one of those waters where you never quite know what’s going to win, or where the winner is going to come from, as so many approaches can be successful and it’s not a carp dominated venue.

Derek is up against a select field including a former Fish O Mania angler and one of the region’s most feared feeder anglers, and to make matters interesting, everyone seems to be fishing a different method.

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