N-Tice: It’s a bit of an Animal!

N-TICE Meaty MixYet again Bait-Tech stay ahead of the game!

N-Tice Meaty Mix and N-Tice Polony are packed with meat proteins and aminos that fish find irresistible. This unrivalled groundbait really is the future of all things meaty.An accurate blend of pure ingredients gives this unique bait the edge you need. Coupled with a protein-packed intensely-flavoured Polony Meat, this really is the next step in meat fishing perfection.

N-Tice Meaty Mix and N-Tice Polony go hand in hand. They have taken my meat fishing to the next level.Grant Albutt


When mixing Bait-Tech N-Tice, follow the instructions on the packet for meaty perfection.


Cube your N-Tice Polony meat to the desired size.


The end result and ready for action.


Through a feeder, cupped in loose or balled in, the choice is yours.

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