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steve_envy1After work I decided to have a peaceful session at Headfen, I don’t normally go during the week but with the settled weather it had to be done.  My plan was to fish the method feeder, using Bait-Tech Envy groundbait, along with the new Special G pellets or on the hook. I also took along some mighty meat (surprise surprise) and a tin of hemp.

Once back from work, I mixed the groundbait and was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a strong smell but was greeted with an aroma of joy. The crushed hemp contained within the mix immediately reminded me of a river mix I used to use and straight away I was intrigued to see the response from the fish. I could already see that this mix could easily be utilised as a margin mix and this was to be my plan B. The mix itself, took around half litre of water straight away. Then once left for 15 minutes, it again took another half a litre to fully complete the mixing process. A final blitz with the drill on the bank was all that was needed.

steve_envy2On arrival at the venue, I noticed a lot of big cap and chub cruising around. A quick chat to some of the anglers on the bank, and it was apparent that the fish weren’t in a feeding mood, with only the odd fish coming out all day.   Hopefully as the temperatures cooled off, they might get there heads down.  First job was the final GB blitz, tiny splattering of water and sorted. I was amazed how fine the mix had ended up and infact how light it was for a method mix. A handful of Special G Pellets into the bowl and that was now ready or the off

Next was my favourite rod of choice, my Maver 10ft 6 Reactorlite feeder rod. If anyone is thinking o getting one of these, do so. They are brilliant rods, light, responsive and very strong. 10lb Jurassic reel line, a Guru inline method feeder, a short 019 hooklength, topped off with a QM1 size 14 hook with a bait band. Pole wise, it was time to christen my new Garbolino C1.  Rig was as simple as anything, a 4×14 float, 017-017 hooklength, size 16 Guru X strong carp hook, bulk shotted just above the 6inch hooklength. This was to be fished at 4mtrs in the left hand edge, tight to the bank side reed cover, over a bed of Envy GB and G pellets using 8mm cube of Mighty on the hook. With everything set to go, three big cups of GB/pellet was dumped in and it was straight out on the method.

steve_envy4Fishing tight to the island, I started getting tiny nudges on the tip and the odd liner. After an hour, I was still fishless. The carp were there but with the sun still fairly high, they weren’t really interested. I was about to top up the margin, when the rod launched round and I was finally into something substantial. The fish was bidding for freedom along the island, but the back bone of the rod kicked in and after a 10 minute battle this beauty was safely in the net

A quick three cup top up of the margin, and it was back out with another loaded Envy method. Another fruitless 30 mins flew by and all I had to show for my efforts was a liner. I persevered but alas no more carp were forthcoming. At 7pm it was margin time. On with a cube of meat and rig was lowered into the edge by the marginal reeds

steve_envy5I started getting indications straight away, these were probably small roach (so I thought), that was until the float slowly slide away and was met with a solid thump. First thought was a carp until the recognisably  nod of a bream was felt. There isn’t a massive head of bream at Headfen, but there are some right corkers. This one was just under 6lb

I cupped in another cup of the Envy/Special G pellet mix straight away, and I could tell the fish really wanted to feed over it. The reeds started to knock, swim was bubbling and my pulse was racing. What had turned out to be a method mix testing session was now transformed, the mix is so versatile.

Next put in and I foul hooked a carp, this tore off to my left before shedding the hook, leaving me only with a big scale. I but another two big cups of feed in, decided to leave it 15 mins and have another quick cast on the method. Unfortunately this was to prove fruitless again, so it was time to concentrate on the inside. Straight away again the float was bobbing about, so I changed over to two pieces of meat on the hook. The change proved right as immediately I was attached to something very angry on the other end.

steve_envy6The fight was quite dogged at times and thought it was foul hooked, a nice fit ghostie came to the net. As I unhooked it, I noticed it had been gorging itself on the GB/pellet combo, you could see it and I couldn’t get back into the water quick enough The session carried on with carp regularly snapping up the meat hookbait. A big cup of mix after every fish kept the bites coming, and it wasn’t just carp that took a liking to it.

In total I managed 12 Carp, 2 big bream and a barbel, the pole had a cracking workout. The groundbait mix performed brilliantly in the margins. Even though the mix was very light, it was able to be cupped in loose and get straight to the bottom. The contents contained within the mix, must have sent the fish’s taste buds into overdrive, the hemp and pellet within it held the fish in the swim.

steve_envy7Even dumping a pot full in after every fish, didn’t spook them. I could drop the rig straight on top of it and get indications as soon as the meat hit the bottom. With the addition of the Special G pellets aswell, this only enhanced the fact the fish loved it, especially when you can physically see it inside the fish on the bank. Yet another winner within the Bait-Tech stable, and it just proves how versatile the mixes actually are.  The only trouble is, I am now spoilt for choice………..but can’t see that’s too much of a bad thing.

Go and get yourselves a bag, you might be the envy of everyone on the bank!

Tight Laccies

Steve Cowley


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